Julie Juselle Jansen, a part-time resident of San Felipe, Mexico, had an idea that if she could come up with a special name for the street dogs of San Felipe, it would help them find forever homes.

 One day, as she was driving by a Gold Mine, just north of San Felipe, she came up with the name Gold Speckled Dogs which led her to write the children’s book, “The Legend of the Gold Speckled Dogs.” This book explains why she believes if street dogs and those in shelters are called “Gold Speckled Dogs” they will have a better chance of being adopted and avoid the possibility of being euthanized.

While gold has been found in many parts of Mexico it has also been found in almost every state in the United States.  Legends have said that when the sun shines just right, people have reported seeing a hint of gold shimmering on the backs of street dogs. Many believe these dogs just might be descendants of the original

Gold Speckled Dogs.

Julie wants to help these special animals find their forever homes. She has started a campaign to change the name of street and shelter dogs to Gold Speckled Dogs.

Julie and her team work with rescue organizations and shelters to organize Gold Speckled Dog adoption events.  They also sell the book “The Legend of the Gold Speckled Dogs,” as well as branded items. Now dog lovers everywhere can show they have adopted or are a supporter of Gold Speckled Dogs.  For every purchase made on this website or at Gold Speckled Dog adoption events, we make a donation to a dog rescue or adoption organization.

Join us in our quest to rename these dogs Gold Speckled Dogs and help them find their forever homes.

Gold Speckled Dog Adoption Events


San Felipe Dog Rescue will be hosting a FREE Gold Speckled Dog Christmas Adoption Event on Dec 17th from 10 to 2 pm.

Refreshments will be served and prizes given to all the adopters of their dogs. Home checks will be done and all adoptees must have a fenced in yard, the ability to give the dog a yearly vaccine, tick medication and dewormer.
All adult dogs have been spayed/neutered and many of their puppies. This is your chance to adopt a beautiful healthy dog that has been fully vetted.
The rescue is located in the Ejido north of the town of San Felipe. Turn at km 183 (Orange Pharmacy). Go up 5 streets and turn right. We are the third property on the left.
San Felipe Dog Rescue is a U.S. registered 501(c)3 Federal Tax ID #84-4298356 organization. They are an all-volunteer non-profit group of animal lovers, dedicated to saving the lives of the at-risk dogs of San Felipe, BC Mexico.  


Several Gold Speckled dogs  were adopted during the Grossman Center Adoption Event in San Diego, California, on October 16, 2021.  Thank you to everyone who provided forever homes to these amazing dogs.



Partnering with Gold Speckled

If your rescue or shelter organization is interested in details about holding a Gold Speckled Dog Adoption Event, contact us at myspeckled@gmail.com.

Adopt A Gold Speckled Dog


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Approximately 3.1 million Gold Speckled dogs are placed into shelters in the United States every year.  Of those approximately 390,000 are euthanized.  In Mexico, it is estimated that over 12 million Gold Speckled Dogs are living on the streets. Gold Speckled dogs available for adoption in your area can by found by clicking on one of the following links

Available Gold Speckled Dogs - United States

Available Gold Speckled Dogs - San Felipe