About Us

Julie Juselle Jansen, a part-time resident of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, had an idea that if she could come up with a special name for the street dogs of San Felipe, it would help them find forever homes. One day, as she was driving by a Gold Mine, just north of San Felipe, she came up with the name Gold Speckled Dogs which lead to her writing the children’s book, “The Legend of the Gold Speckled Dogs.” This book explains why the street dogs and those in shelters are now called “Gold Speckled Dogs.”  

While gold has been found in many parts of Mexico it has also been found in many of the states in the United States.  Some people say that the dogs in their town are the descendants of the original Gold Speckled Dogs and that when the sun shines just right, they can see a hint of gold shimmering on their backs. 

We want to help these special animals find forever homes by letting everyone know that they are no longer called street or shelter dogs, but are now Gold Speckled Dogs.